Tweet your MP

There’s never been a more important time to show politicians how much and how many of us care about protecting the life we love from climate change — and nor has there ever been a more exciting one!

With the Week of Action underway and events happening in all corners of the country, you can join in by sending your MP a message. Speak up, tell your MP about what you want to protect, and urge them to join you in doing the same.

Your voice is powerful — your MP represents you and a simple tweet can help inspire them to carry your message about climate change and a cleaner, more secure future to Parliament.

One message. Two minutes. Together, we can make beautiful things happen.



Click here and enter your postcode to find your MP’s Twitter handle. If you or your MP don’t have Twitter, why not send them an email, Facebook message, or give them a call instead?


Click the large ‘Tweet’ button to begin your message


Use one of our tweets to help add your voice…

[@MP name] I'm joining communities across the UK to #SpeakUp to protect what I love from from #climatechange! Will you join me in showing your support?

[@MP name] I 💚 [my children / my local nature reserve / communities around the world] but right now [it’s / they’re] at risk from #climatechange. As my MP, please RT to join me to #SpeakUp to protect [it / them]

[@MP name] I’m so proud of what [area / initiative] is doing to tackle #climatechange. Please RT to celebrate how much more we can achieve together! #SpeakUp

...or write your own to tell your MP what you’re speaking up for.